Steel Buildings

Thanh Thinh pre-engineered steel building is a type of house made of steel components and fabricated and installed according to pre-specified architectural and technical drawings. The process of making finished products (incorporating quality control and inspection steps) is through 3 main stages: Design, fabrication and erection at the site

All main structural components of the steel-framed house from the main frame (columns, steel truss), purlins, beams, shaped steel plates, roofing sheets … are completely manufactured at the factory, then brought to the factory. process for assembly and bonding. As a result, it saves costs as well as minimizes construction time

Typical prefabricated houses include the following 3 components:
+ Main frames (column and rafter)

+ Secondary structural components (purlins, top struts and wall beams)

+ Rolled steel plate (roof and wall panels)

3 main structures of prefabricated steel building frame:
 ∑ Main structure

Is the bearing structure system of steel-framed houses. It includes foundation, foundation beam, roof bearing structure, running bridge girder, windproof frame system, bracing system, “I” column and truss as main frame.

In this structural system is divided into:

  • Vertical bearing structures include walls, doors, windows, vertical roof doors …

  • Horizontal bearing structures: roof, horizontal roof doors …

  • The main structure helps to bear the load of the house and transmit it to the ground

Fixed load means the permanent distribution of an entire house or equipment such as overhead cranes or machinery on the floor.

Sub texture

Including the parts: partitions, partitions supporting partitions, working floor systems, stairs, roof purlins, “C” and “Z” shaped wall purlins.

Covering texture and shaping

Is the structure installed by roof and wall. In order to limit the home space and protect the house as well as all objects, appliances, and equipment in the house from being affected by weather and environment

In which, this structural system is divided into 2 forms:

  • Vertical covering structure: including walls, doors, windows and vertical roof doors

  • Horizontal covering structure: roof, horizontal roof door

Saving materials in low-load areas of main frame components has made pre-engineered steel buildings more economical than conventional steel buildings, especially low-rise buildings with a width of less than 60m and a roof edge height of less than 30m. .
Furthermore, the roofing system uses only pre-designed joints and predefined materials for the design and manufacture of building structures. Therefore, it significantly reduces design, production and erection time

Prefabricated buildings – Steel buildings can be fitted with various structural accessories such as mezzanine floors, flat-deck overhead crane girders, overhead walkways and other accessories such as racing roofs, roof rims and partitions. The steel building is water-repellent using a vertical split roof system, drainage components and roof frills. This is an extremely flexible home system, allowing the solution to be equipped inside to meet all functions and decorated outside to satisfy beautiful architectural designs. It is for this reason that steel-framed houses are ideal for use as factories, warehouses, displays, supermarkets.….

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