High-tech machinery installation and repair

Thanh Thinh is a provider of high-tech repair services. Thanh Thinh team specializes in areas such as:

  • High technology / automation system maintenance
  • Deploy installation projects, handover according to customer requirements
  • Assist in troubleshooting the automation line system quickly, avoiding affecting the production process In addition,

Thanh Thinh provides the service of upgrading, improving and renewing the machine line. Applying high technology to optimize business operations

In particular, Thanh Thinh receives and provides all high-tech repair packages, large, small, simple to complex based on the actual specific requirements of each unit, factory and enterprise.

Thanh Thinh and High-Tech Machine Repair Service

If you need a support team at the on-site factory, Thanh Thinh’s engineering team is ready to help and solve the problem quickly. In particular, we provide the following diverse maintenance and repair services:

  • Repair and maintenance service for high-tech machinery in a package month / quarter / year. Thanh Thinh provides partnerships with periodic, contractual services. For all factories with high-tech machinery lines
  • Service of repair and maintenance of high-tech application line machinery systems upon request. Thanh Thinh provides in-plant maintenance items. Including industrial production lines, electrical automation systems, mechanical equipment systems, pressure equipment, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, crane systems and other auxiliary systems

Thanh Thinh and High Tech Machinery Repair Team

Thanh Thinh’s team of experienced engineers professionally. Capable of, analyze, evaluate and upgrade your high-tech production line systems with intelligent, optimized solutions. Using advanced equipment and modern technology to achieve high accuracy and efficiency.

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